Sono Primo

Sono Primo

Download Sono Primo - a comprehensive and motivational content package for emerging communicators; it lays the foundation for success - right from the very start

Sono Primo is a powerful modular system of situation and grid-based Page Sets enabling users to communicate on their own terms. The Sono Primo vocabulary can be used with both Communicator and SymbolMate/S32.

The situations used in Primo are those most frequently encountered by young children and contain the vocabulary most frequently needed in each given situation. Primo is built to take advantage of motor memory and is symbol-based. While the majority of page changing is meant to be performed by caregivers, navigation within Primo employs those strategies most needed by young children as identifi ed in research around visual scene displays - thereby minimizing learning time and maximizing understanding.

Vocabulary follows recommendations provided by leading researchers and clinical service providers. Core vocabulary is kept consistent and succinct, maximizing the user's ability to learn and communicate effectively within each situation.

Personalization of Sono Primo is easy. In Communicator, all adaptations of the vocabulary can be made from within run view using a specific set of functions such as the changing of button labels, pictures and, synthetic or recorded messages. Templates are provided to help caregivers quickly and easily address the communication needs of new users and situations.

Sono Primo consists of Communicator and SymbolMate resources, the latter are designed to run on the S32 device. As those SymbolMate resources have no protection against privacy, we cannot make them available as trial download. So this download only contains the Communicator parts of Sono Primo.Thank you for your kind understanding.