Series 5 Converter

Compass Series 5 Converter

Download this software to convert Series 5 content for use with Compass

This converter allows you to transfer Series 5 content for use in the Tobii Dynavox Compass software or app. Note: Not all functions that were available for Series 5 content exist in the Compass software. Because of this, some content may not convert as expected. When the converter encounters a button in the Series 5 content that does not have a similar function in Compass, the button will be converted but will not have any actions associated. Examples include IR controls, X10 Environmental controls, computer access, eBooks, email, text messaging and slots. Email is available on your Tobii Dynavox Device but must be set up directly. Text messaging is also available on the Tobii Dynavox Devices, using the included Tablet Talk app. For more information, read the detailed notes.

Release Notes - Tobii Dynavox Compass Series 5 Converter v1.1